Our Approach

Integrating traditional & machine learning techniques to achieve optimal Results
Pronic Strategies applies both traditional and machine learning techniques on the vast amount of data currently held in the industrial systems. The integration enables Pronic Strategies to provide valuable insight on the health and performance of the equipment.
Pronic Strategies provides services in process design, monitoring and prognostics using accurate physics based, data driven and hybrid-models. This approach makes it possible to model both steady and transient modes of operation
Pronic Strategie areas of specializations include:
Gas Turbines for power Generation
Steam Turbines
Heat Exchangers
Gas Compressors
Working with All Stakeholders to Deliver:

> High quality and intelligent solutions that reflect the Organizations values

> Consulting services to meet or exceed client expectations by thoroughly understanding the clients needs

To be the most creative organization in the world using the latest technology while promoting green technologies

> Embrace innovation so as to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement

> Create solutions that have positive impact in the community, environment and planet.

> Create Solutions that reflect organizational key values

Optimized Solutions that:

> Are sustainable solutions based on a comprehensive approach

> Solutions that reflect latest methodolodies and technology

> that can be maintained after the project is completed