Engineering Advice

We provide you with expert advice that will allow you to make important decisions on equipment and process design, equipment and process monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics

Data Analytics with Machine Learning

We incorporate Physics models into Data-Driven Predictions from machine learning to achieve optimal engineering performance

Sustainable Energy

We are advancing the transition to sustainable energy future. We specialize on renewable energy, thermal energy storage and battery storage
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Embracing progressive thinking while being nimble and adaptable has been key to the Pronic Strategies delivering in the rapid changing technological world. The application of intelligence, reason and science results in optimized solution to better business, society
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What we provide

Major Process Industry Equipment Design

We design individual process equipment and their configuration as a complete functional system or as part of a larger manufacturing system. The complete process equipment can include reactors, heat exchangers pumps, valves, etc. The process design includes specifications, operating manuals, safety plans and environmental impact assessments

Equipment Monitoring, Diagnostics and Prognostics

We use on-site or remote process equipment monitoring to assess the current and future health state of equipment or a process. We perform diagnostics to determine process or equipment failure and prognostics to predict when the failure will occur.

Renewable Energy and Battery Storage

We specialize in renewable energy and battery storage technologies that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the reliability of the power grid. Renewable Energy Systems can generate electricity that is stored by Battery storage systems. The stored electricity can be released into the grids according to power demands thus improving the quality and stability of the power supply

Thermal Energy Storage

We use advanced Thermal Energy Storage Technology (TES) to store excess thermal energy to be used later for heating, cooling or power generation .TES technology improves the dispatch ability of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, by storing their energy when the supply is high and releasing it when the demand is low. TES reduces the need for fossil fuels and increase the efficiency of energy systems.

Data Driven and Physics Based models for industrial Applications

We combine the predictive power, interpretability and domain knowledge of physics-based models with the flexibility and computational scalability of machine learning and statistical analysis. This approach enables us to provide accurate information to our customers

Data Driven Internet Marketing

We use data driven internet marketing by using customer data to optimize online marketing campaigns. Customer data can help us predict their needs, desires, and behaviors. This intelligence is key to tailoring the marketing strategies accordingly. Data driven marketing improves personalization and segmentation of messages thus optimizing the overall ROI of your marketing budget
What Our Clients Say
Data Driven and Physics Based modeling
The prospect of managing our operations online due COVID restrictions was a daunting one. We had to be able to monitor, manage and manage the whole process. The process of working with the Pronic Strategies team has been a smooth and positive one. The team was extremely sharp and professional meetings understood easily our vision and business objectives. Pronic Strategies was able to provide a functional central command where we could manage the process.
James Smith - EA Enterprises
Process Automation
Pronic Strategies listened to our needs and delivered a final solution that exceeded our expectations. By making our production crew to own the solution, they were able to optimize the process before automating the full process. Pronic strategies were professional, prompt, creative and patient. During the course of the project, Pronic Strategies was attentive and compassionate about the parameters of the project.
Peter Odour - Lakeshore Enterprises